How much of greenland is Ice?



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    Greenland is somewhat inappropriately named, because it is ~80% ice. Iceland on the other hand, is rather green.

    The Greenland Ice Sheet is the 2nd largest body of ice in the world, Antarctica being the largest. It runs about 2400km north-south, it is 1100km across at the widest point, and it is between 2 and 3km thick, depending on where you are.

    Ice that is currently in the sheet can be as old as 110,000yrs, and it is so heavy that it has squished the central area of Greenland. The bedrock is depressed in the center of the country, and there are high areas around the edges. If the ice sheet were to melt, Greenland would become an archipelago, with a chain of little islands sticking up in the high areas.

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