How much gold is there in the Moon?



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    there is no gold on the moon its made out of rocks

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      And what are the rocks made of my old friend? Bear in mind that most of the gold in the world is in it’s core… The only significant amounts found in it’s crust are due to ancient meteorite collisions some billions of years ago, the largest of which was in South Africa… Now the Moon gets bombarded by lots of meteorites just the same so why the problem with lunar gold. If we’d have mined the same proportion of it as we have on earth we’d have about 19000 tonnes of it by now…. The thing is that would it be worth the cost of shipping it back to earth where it could be used by electronics and other industries as well as greedy treasure trovers. Hell. It’s just a metal just like iron so get over it and get a life…

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    In fact, there is gold on the moon. This was discovered by analyzing surface soil, which also  contained water, mercury, and silver. That being said, I don’t think that there is currently any information about exactly how much gold is on the moon, especially since the discovery was made by analyzing soil from one area and because water was also discovered on the moon at that time. Scientists are surely more concerned with determining the percentage of water on the moon than gold.

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    As sdasher has previously stated, there really is not any specific information concerning the amount of gold on the moon. However, qouting one website, the discovery of gold found on the moon was probably all “deposited by meteorites because the element/isotope abudance of this gold compared to iridium is the same as  what is found in many terrestrial meteorites”. Relating back to your question though, the gold that was found was discovered at about a “few nanograms per gram of rock”.

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