How much gas is used every day?



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    Drivers in the United States consumed about 371.2 gallons of gasoline each day in 2007. Estimates from early this year were that in 2009, that figure would be down slightly to 345.7 million gallons per day. In other words, though we still consume a huge amount of gas that contributes significantly to global warming, US demand for gasoline is leveling off or even dropping for almost the first prolonged period since reliable record-keeping began. Though this decline in consumption is partly due to the recession, changing consumer behaviors and a shift to more fuel-efficient vehicles are also playing a role. The recent decline in gas consumption is an encouraging sign that greater awareness of the true social and environmental costs of oil can change drivers’ habits for the better.

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    With US gasoline consumption in August 2010 at 9.4 million barrels per day (395 million gallons), clearly gasoline use is increasing, not decreasing, despite the recession. US oil consumption overall is down some, mostly in diesel and jet fuel.

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