How much gas can be saved by avoiding traffic?



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    There are a lot of variables that would go into that equation.  The less you are idling in your car, however, the better.  Idling is a definite problem in terms of pollution and gas use.  Some car manufacturers have introduced start-stop technology, meaning that when you are stopped in your car or you put on the brake, the car’s engine stops using gasoline.  A great compromise for those of us who don’t have a choice but to commute.

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    It’s tough to have a concrete stat or estimate on how much money you can save with “eco-driving,” but a study a couple of years ago by UC Riverside found that drivers who eco-drove found they saved about 6% on fuel economy. The 20 drivers used an eco-driving device that works like a GPS, providing feedback and advising the driver on his or her fuel economy as they drive. 

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    Although ar car still consumes some fuel while stationary but less than its fuel consumption when it is moving, it may not be very easy to estimate how much fuel that is saved when avoiding traffic. Some factors should be considered. One of them is the duration of the traffic and the other is the distance to cover while trying to avoid traffic.

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