how much furniture gets thrown out in paris per year?



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    Although the French have had an incredible love for documenting all sorts of minor things for 100s of years, the amount of furniture thrown out is not among them.

    There are two good reasons for this. First, there’s no tax or direct financial implication about throwing away furniture! (The French love to keep records on things they can tax.) Second, “thown out” isn’t a precise term. There are all sorts of ways to get rid of furniture you don’t want, everywhere from burning it, to giving away, to placing it on the garbage.

    Now. Do the French throw away things that in the United States would be regarded as wonderful and precious? Absolutely. When you’ve got an attic full of ratty furniture left to you by your great aunt Emile, the temptation to use that space for something useful, like a Guy Lair, is really high. 50 years ago the Europeans had not figured out that what is junk to them is precious antiques to other people, but these days things tend to go to an antique shop if they have any real value.

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