How much fuel does a space ship take-off take?



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    The space shuttle used half a million gallons of hydrogen and oxygen on each flight. The rest of the 835,958 gallons of liquid propellants include hydrazine, monomethylhydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide. The totall weight of fuel is 1,607,185 lbs. During liftoff, it used a thousand gallons of that fuel each second.

    The Russian Soyuz rocket carries 270 tons of fuel (using four separate boosters) for each flight, which is comprised of liquid oxygen and kerosene.  I was not able to find an academic source to confirm this number (the only number I was able to find was on a blog), but I was able to find the Soyuz users manual, which I have attached.  Although they do not include specific numbers for the question you are asking, if you do the math for the weight of the rocket and it’s components, this number does sound about right.  I was also unable to find the exact amount of fuel used during liftoff, but again, from reading the manual, it seems as though a great deal of the fuel on the rocket is used for this purpose.



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