How much fuel does it take to get a rocket into space?



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    The largest lifting body was the Saturn V rocket, which put man on the Moon. It had three stages, using the following amounts of fuel:

    First Stage – 810,700 liters kerosene, 1,311,100 liters Liquid Oxygen

    Second Stage – 331,000 liters LOX, 1,000,000 liters Liquid Hydrogen

    Third Stage – 92,350 liters LOX, 235,200 liters Liquid Hydrogen

    There was more fuel on board for the auxiliary propulsion systems and for the various modules, but the above was the fuel used to get the payload into space and to the moon. That’s a total of 3,787,350 liters of fuel, or just over 1 million gallons of liquid fuel with a fuse!

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