How much fuel does an F-35 use in VTOL mode?



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    I could not find an exact number to answer this question, but an educated guess is 2.0 lb/lbt/hr. The F-35 Lightning II, one of the most advanced jets ever built, comes in three different types, only one of which can achieve STOVL (Short Take-Off, Vertical Landing) which I think you’re referring to. The STOVL version utilizes a Pratt & Whitney F135-PW-600 type engine. The specs I found for this engine have the “Specific Fuel Consumption at Maximum Power” columns blank–whether because it is classified or because no one has any specific information, I do not know. What is known is that any type of VTOL or STOVL operation is extremely costly in terms of fuel due to the sheer thrust that a jet engine must expel in order to cause the plane to “hover” vertically. The exact amount of fuel consumption for these types of planes appears to be hotly debated among military hardware enthusiasts, as evidence by the second link I’m posting, which is to a message forum debate on this exact topic, and links to a web page ( that is the source of the 2.0 lb/lbt/hr estimate.

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