How much fuel does an aircraft carrier carry?



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    That depends on the carrier itself of course. A lot of the more modern carriers rely on something other than fuel, but the ones that do need a lot of fuel in order to power that large of a ship. For example, the USS Kitty Hawk can carry 4 million galloons. A Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is powered by a nuclear reactor but can carry about 3.3 million gallons of fuel for the aircrafts.

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    Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier

    The NIMITZ-Class Aircraft carrier (pictured above) has roughly 3 million gallons of fuel on board.  They are by far the largest and most vital assets the US navy has.  These are all self-sustaining carriers, which generate their own electricity with nuclear power and make fresh-water from surrounding sea water.  These ships have enough on board to sustain without regular shipments of goods.  They are essentially their own individual small cities.

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