How much fuel do military helicopters use?



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    It is difficult to get accurate statistics for all of the helicopters in the military, or for all of the different types of helicopter that militaries around the world have in use. According to statistics the Black Hawk helicopter goes approximately 0.74 miles per gallon (a 450 gallon tank provides 334 mile range). This is relatively inefficient, especially considering that the helicopter can reach top speeds of up to 182 mph. If we add up all of the helicopters in the militaries around the world, we see some pretty high numbers in terms of fuel consumption.

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    The AH-64 Apache helicopter uses two gas turbine engines and can go up to 145 mph for over three hours. It can be set up with an external 230-gallon fuel tank for combat missions, or up to four external fuel tanks for non-combat. There’s no listing for how much fuel the standard tank uses, but it’s likely to be 230 gallons as well. Another website listed the Apache as one of the biggest gas guzzlers among combat vehicles.

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