How much fruit should I be eating every day?



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    It’s recommended that you get at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies everyday.  This helps ensure you’re getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals. 

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    You should be eating 5 portions of fuits and veggies a day.  Fruits and Veggies should make up about 1/3 of your entire meal for the day.  1 portion – 1 banana or 1 apple or 2 plums or 1 galss of fruit juice, etc.

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    You are supposed to get five servings a day.  Although that sounds like a lot, an 8 oz glass of orange juice has about 2 servings of fruit.  To get more fruit in your diet, try adding mandarin oranges or apple slices to your salad or even extra tomatoes on your sandwich. 

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