How much of the forest on earth has been cut down?



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    This question can not be answered exactly as some countries do not keep track of the amount of forest that is cut down, whether for logging, farming, or other deforestation reasons.  The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations put out a report in 2005 approximating the world forests that were lost that year.  The report stated that 60,000 square kilometers (one square kilometer is approximately 0.4 square miles) of forest were cut down in 2005.  They calculated, with an average forest containing between 50,000-100,000 trees every square kilometer, that this is about three to six billion individual trees.

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    It has been reported that 82% of the amazon rain forest remains. This has been the location of the most deforestation controversy thus far. Before European settlement more than one billion acres of forest existed in what is now the United States. Now only 257 millions acres remain.

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