How much force can giraffes create with their necks when they fight each other?



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     That depends how old the giraffes are, and whether they’re seriously fighting or only sparring. Sparring (which is more common than fighting) usually doesn’t result in injuries, and may be just a way of establishing dominance. Fighting (usually over a female) is often very violent, and injuries can easily result. Whichever they’re doing, the rule of thumb is the older the giraffe, the bigger their head and neck and the more damage they can do with it. Also as they grow older, giraffes can develop bony hornlike growths on their heads, called ossicones, which can do additional damage.

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    First, I agree heartily with the information provided above! Second, if you want to find an actual number, you might have some luck by contacting zoos or a university biology program. However, it is unlikely that there is much data on the actual amount of force a giraffe can create with its neck.

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