How much of the food sold in grocery stores is organic?



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    Depending on the store, anywhere from all to none.

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    Unfortunately, very little research has been done on how much of the food specific retailers sell is organic. But it also depends on what store- obviously Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s is going to have more organic food than mainstream retailers. But here are some stats for you: In 2010, organic products accounted for 4% of total food and beverage sales, and 11.9% of all fruit and vegetable sales were organic. In 2010, mainstream retailers accounted for 54% of organic food sales, while specialty and natural stores accounted for 39%. 

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    Yes, it all depends on the store. If you are shopping at Whole Foods, a good deal of the foods are going to be organic. If you’re shopping at a Shaws or Stop & Shop, in all likelihood there will be fewer foods with a certified organic label, and those foods may be concentrated into a specialty aisle. 

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