How much food does the average person in America waste in a year?



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    Food waste is a serious problem in America as we produce 2x as much food needed for EACH person.  America has long been known as a country who believes that bigger is better and we spare no exception with food. 

    Because of our excess production more than 40% of all the food we produce in the States gets chucked.  This totals an excess of 29 million tons of food waste each year, apparently enough to refill the Rose Bowl every three days. 

    What’s unfortunate is that not enough people realize how much food they’re wasting and how easy it would be to save just a little bit more than what they do now.  Experts estimate that the typical American wastes more than a 1/2 pound of food each day which totals 182.5 lbs of food in a year (per person).

    Although we’re slowly (very slowly) making moves to decrease our massive intake with some restaurants putting out smaller (portion size) menus, we still have a long way to go before we get rid of our 29 million ton food waste habit.

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    According to the Business Insider, the average American wastes 650lbs of food annually.  However, that number includes food that is “destroyed” after production but before it hits shelves.  These are horrifying statistics.  

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    An article in National Georgraphic‘s July 2011 issues offer a breakdown of how much is wasted each year of what many consider the essential food items. The article states that these percentages of the food we buy is wasted per person each year:

    • 22 lbs. of fresh fruit
    • 39 lbs. of fresh vegetables
    • 34 lbs. of milk
    • 0.7 lbs of butter
    • 27 lbs. of poultry
    • 36 lbs. of bread
    • 36 lbs. of red meat
    • 4 lbs. of seafood
    • 4 lbs. of eggs
    • 0.9 lbs. of nuts
    • 24 lbs. of sweeteners
    • 4 lbs. of cheese

    This is a lot, and does not take into account inedible parts or food damaged in shipping.

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