How much food can be grown on a 1 acre piece of land?



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    If permaculture and biointensive methods are used (like deep bed gardening) and you have a long growing season (like southern California) it’s possible to grow 60,000 pounds of vegetables/fruit a year.  The Dervaes family of Pasadena have been providing all their own food in a suburban lot of 1/10 acre since 1986.  They claim to grow 6,000 pounds of vegetables a year.  

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    With a quarter of an acre (appox. 1000 squrae meters), experts estimate that you will be able to grow most (if not all) of the vegetable needs for a family of four.  The thought is that you can plant different types of vegetables at different times throughout the year, providing you with enough variety and quantity to be self sufficient. 

    This site: gives a great overview of exactly how much of each fruit and vegetable you could yield with an acre of land and says that the average yield of all the fruits and veggies listed is appoximately 10,642 pounds per the one acre of land.  That’s a lot of food!

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