How much firewood is consumed in the US in one year?



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    In 1997, the US consumed 19.9 cubic ft. of roundwood, or the cylindrical wood taken from tree branches and trunks. Of this, 12.8% was fuel wood (wood used for fuel i.e. firewood). This puts it at about 2,547,200,000 cubic feet of fuel wood burned the US in 1997. This includes industrial as well as residential (firewood burned in fireplaces).

    A more relevant number for you might be from 2005. The amount of residential fuelwood burned in the US was 1,551,549,876 cubic feet. (the list gives 43,935,000 cubic metres. this is the converted number).

    Measuring by volume is preferable to measuring by weight, as different types of wood have different densities.

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