How much farm land is needed to feed all 300+ million people in the United States?



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    There are many different figures on how many people can live off of one acre of farm land. Estimates range from four or five people per acre to thirty people per acre, depending on how fertile the land is and whether the people are on a vegan diet. Vegan diets require a lot less land than diets that rely on meat. So, it could take as little as 10 million acres or as much as 75 million acres, depending on which figure you use, to feed all the people in the United States.

    Just a quick note on the website that says overpopulation is a myth… if we’re taking up 10 million acres of the most fertile land in America to feed the population, we’re also destroying some of the best habitat for wild animals. It’s a trade-off between people and endangered species.

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