How much environmental damage has been caused exotic pets?



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    Exotic pets are bad for the environment in a number of ways. When released into the wild from captivity, especially in an environment they are not familiar with, the outcome is never good. The exotic animal could die, an unnecessary cruelty. But worse for the environment is when these animals turn into invasive species, and kill off other species by eating the food that native species needs, or killing the plant life with over population. Invasive species can completely decimate an ecosystem. Many animals in Australia are found now only on the small island Tasmania away from the introduction of invasive animals. Some animals are forbidden to be sold in certain states because of this, because if that animal gets into the wild it is known to unbalance the wildlife and kill off endangered species. 

    Taking these animals from their natural environment can also unbalance the ecosystem when their number diminish because of this.

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