How much energy will be saved due to power outages from Hurricane Irene?

Or will it be a negative number since clean up will take so much?



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    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. household consumes an average of 908 kilowatthours (kWh) of electricity per month or roughly 30.5 per day.  As of today, over four million homes have gone without power for at least a day. This would mean that at least 122,000,000 kWh that would normally be used, was not.  Assuming each kWh costs apx 20 cents, this would be a savings of $24,400,000.  Of course, the cost of repair and cleanup of the hurricaine will be substantial.  Some experts have estimated the total cost of cleanup and repair of Hurricaine Katrina to be somewhere around $105 billion, although exact number costs are not available.

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    The cost of the storm is going to be somewhere between 7 and 10 billion, and energy (plenty of it) is going to be used during the clean up — there’s no silver lining to be had here.

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