How much energy is the USPS EV going to save?



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         It depends on which and how many electric vehicles the U.S. Postal Service ends up using. The USPS is currently testing several different EV programs in different places. The trucks the USPS uses now get about 10 miles per gallon, so clearly there is room for improvement.

         Chrysler has designed a van specifically for the USPS, but there don’t seem to be any plans to put it into production yet. If Congressman Jose Serrano’s so-called e-drive bill passes, the Postal Service would start using 20,000 EVs to deliver mail. The switch would reduce the USPS’s carbon emissions by 75 percent and save hundreds of millions of dollars in gas.

         EVs are a great fit for the post office, which usually doesn’t need vehicles to travel long distances. The constant starts and stops of delivering mail aren’t as hard on EVs as they are on conventional trucks. The USPS also needs ways to save money as more Americans switch to using email. 

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