How much energy is required to operate an indoor skydiving establishment?



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    In its current form, your question is not really all too answerable. It depends on what sort of equipment said establishment would be using, what energy resources are available, how big the complex would be, how many people it would service, etc. The only real way to find this out would be if you modeled your establishment after an already-existing one, and went to them to ask about their specific electrical metering read-outs. Of course, that doesn’t take into consideration other energy required, like fuel used to build the location, to ship the equipment, etcetera.

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    The answer depends on the size of the tunnel and what type of tunnel it is. Skyventure, the largest vertical wind tunnel producer has 2 main types of tunnels, open-flow and recirculating. Depending on which type, the diameter of the base and height of the chamber you will be able to get a better idea of how much energy they require to run. For more info, please visit

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