How much energy does your clothes dryer use?



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    Clothes dryers generally use around 800 kWh a year, and cost an average of $80 in electricity bills.

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    The energy efficiency of a clothes dryer is measured by ‘the energy factor’. It is a rating similar to miles per gallon of gas for car, however in energy terms, the measurement is pounds of clothing per kilowatt-hour of electricity. The minimum energy factor for a standard capacity electric dryer is 3.01. For gas dryers, the minimum energy factor is 2.67, and the rating for gas dryers is provided in kilowatt-hours, even though the primary source of fuel is natural gas. According to the website noted, “A dryer is typically the second-biggest electricity-using appliance after the refrigerator, costing about $85 to operate annually. Over its expected lifetime of 18 years, the average clothes dryer will cost you approximately $1,530 to operate.”

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