How much energy does it take to power a refrigerator?



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    According to the US Department of Energy, a typical refrigerator uses up a little over 1,100 kilowatt-hours a year, for a cost of more than $90 a year.

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    In the EU they are using an energy efficiency label, called EU Energy Label. It ranges from A to G, (A being the most efficient). Refrigerators can have A++ efficiency label, that only consumes 600 KWh per year. The A++ uses around 30% of the energy of D category appliance.  

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    A great alternative to regular refrigerators that use up the significant amount as stated by cerberus, is one that has the Energy Star label.  This is similar to the EU labeling system as stated in the above answer for the United States.  Energy Star refrigerators are 20% more efficient than the minimum federal requirement, which can cut energy costs for up to $165 a year.

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