how much energy does it take to heat dirt to 45 degrees Fahrenheit?

Would like to heat a 100 gallon water trough of dirt for a worm pit in the barn. Needs to be 45 drgrees Fahrenheit or above. The temps get down to as low as -20 degrees in the winter here.



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    Unfortunately this question doesn’t have a simple answer. What is the dirt in question made out of?  Dirt is commonly a combination of many minerals and elements, each with their own physical properties. So, you would have to know EXACTLY what compositions are in your dirt sample to answer this question correctly. It would also depend on how much dirt you have, how you are heating it up, and what your starting temperature is. You should probably just try it. Read your meter before heating and during heating and see the difference. If you are worried about prices, your energy company likely has charts to correlate what you see on your meter to a price.

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