How much energy does Google use to run their business?



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    After being accused of requiring as much energy as it takes to make a cup of tea to run a single Google search, Google recently came forward with its actual energy consumption: 2.3 billion kwh in 2010.  As this number is equivalent to approximately .1% of the US’s total energy consumption, it’s not exactly flattering, but it’s also not one cup of tea per search.  The London Times, who initially made the claim, did admit that this estimate was a bit excessive and that one search requires about 35 times less energy than a cup of tea.  In their defense, Google has insisted that they are making efforts to cut down on their energy consumption.

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    I’m just starting out freelancing and was wondering what other freelancers use for email. Since I left my full time job I’ve been communicating with clients and prospects with my gmail account, and no one has said anything until a friend said he thought it was unprofessional to use a gmail account for business.What do other freelancers think about using gmail for business?


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