how much energy does a black light use



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    The energy rating for black lights are written on the bulb in watts, just as with any lightbulb.

    Lightbulbs emit visible light and invisible energy, including heat. Black light bulbs simply emphasize ultraviolet radiation, at the expense of producing less radiation of other kinds.

    No matter what percentage of each type a lightbulb produces, it all comes down to the amount of watts (electricity) it consumes. Most lightbulbs emphasize visible light, heat and UV are wasteful, when they are not wanted.

    However, there are situations where people want that heat, or want that UV. And in those situations the lights that don’t produce so much visible light are exactly what’s wanted. This tends to be overlooked. In a house that’s entirely heated by electricity, it doesn’t make much difference how “efficient” the lightbulbs are: All the energy used by the bulb is converted into something useful.

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