how much energy does an average Canadian waste?



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    Well, the word “waste” is subject to opinion. Energy costs money, so in terms of actual energy leaks or other unused energy the percentage is probably low. Otherwise, what may be wasteful to one person (leaving lights on at night in the business) may be justified to someone else (security statistics of that building). I can tell you that 2005 energy use broke down as being utilized by the following categories:

    38% – industry
    29% – transport
    17% – residential
    14% – commercial/institutional
    2% – agricultural

    Also, in 2006 26% of the energy generated came from hydroelectric power (25%) or other renewable sources (1%). Or you might think in terms of energy production, which has increased 87 percent since the 1980s, when use has gone up only 44%, meaning Canada is exporting a lot of the energy it produces for profit.

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