How much energy do you save by taking the stairs instead of an elevator up one floor?

Happy Earth Day!!!



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    Well obviously, the exact amount of energy would require someone to sit their and actually calculate it out.  However, obviously you will be saving energy because you keep the elevator from moving (esspecially if it is say, 20 floors away from you)  Then you are responsible for bringing it down to get you too.

    If it is only 1 floor, not only the environment will thank you, but your body will too.  Were humans!!! Were meant to be moving!  Don’t be lazy, now hit those stairs missy! 

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    The energy savings vary depending on the size and weight of the elevator, as well as how many people are “carpooling” and the different type of motor.  But I was able to find some calculations on that state one floor costs 2.5Wh of energy, about half as much as it takes to recharge a cell phone battery.  There are some other interesting calculations on that site, take a look.

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