How much energy do we use while sleeping?



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    I am assuming that your question is referring to the amount of energy that our bodies use while we are sleeping, and not the amount of energy that we use as consumers while sleeping like electricity.  The amount of energy we use depends on the individual person and can vary based on height, weight, and age.  It is basically the energy that we need to use in order to keep our body functioning normally without the added use of muscles used for movement.  The best way to calculate this is to use a Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) calculator which calculates the amount of energy you would use in a day if you were in bed for 24 hours.  You can calculate this, then use a simple math equation to tell how many calories you would burn in the average amount of time that you as an individual sleeps in a day.  I attached a BMR calculator for you to use.

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