How much energy do solar backpacks give?



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    A few solar backpacks made by Voltaic Systems produce 4 watts of electricity.  This translates to 3 hours of iPod play time or 1.5 hours of cell phone talk time for every hour of the backpacks exposure to sunlight.  Another model made by Voltaic Systems produces 15 watts.  So it seems like the amount of energy produced by solar backpacks depends greatly on the amount of solar panels that are incorporated into the design, as well as how long you expose them to light.

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    Solar backpacks are great for charging small electronic devices. I checked out a solar powered backpack by Voltaic Systems and found that their 3.5 lb backpack can supply a cell phone with 1.5 hours of usage or an iPod with 3 hours for each hour of direct sunlight exposure. It can accomodate various types of devices and has multiple adapters including a USB outlet.

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