How much energy could be saved if everyone that could worked from home?



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    A whole lot! A study was done by Telework Exchange that found that around 9.7 billion gallons of gas and $38.2 billion can be saved each year if  53% of all white-collar workers telecommuted two days a week. If the 53% of workers did it all 5 days a week, that would be 14.55 billion gallons of gas, and $57.3 billion saved. So the benefits would be enormous. Not to mention, the increased flexibility amounts to less pressure and more productivity for workers. Perhaps this is the future and the answer to many of our energy consumption problems!

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    There is no one answer to this question.  First it would depend on what the job was since all jobs cannot be done from home.  If toxic chemicals were involved, if manufacturing tools or products that were very large, these jobs could not be done at home.  But if the work is able to be done at home the next thing to consider is the energy use in the office vs. the home and transportation to and from.  Typically it is more energy efficient to work from home where there is zero transportation cost and where energy would already be used to heat or cool the home, have liglhts on, run a computer, or a stove, or whatever energy use would be required.

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