How much energy can changing our driving habits save us?



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    Taking public transportation or carpooling can have a drastic effect on how much energy we save. 5 people can use 1 car, or 5 cars to get where they need to go. 40 people could use 40 cars or one bus. If everyone took public transportation (I know an unrealistic goal), then we would cut our dependency on foriegn oil and greenhouse gas emissions by so much, that many of the problems plaguing our country would simply go away…

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    If you must drive a car, there are ways to save gas, and thus money. Make sure you don’t have any extra weight, so be sure to clean out the backseat and the trunk. Make sure the tires are properly inflated, and make sure to keep your car properly maintained to ensure top performance. And lastly, try to avoid speeding up and braking sharply–instead, accelerate and slow more gradual–that will save you some gas and some change in the pocket.

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    Aside from using public transportation as often as possible, as aerodog said, making sure that a car is in the best condition possible helps. Also, avoiding traffic as best you can helps as well because that way you can avoid just sitting on the road with your car on. Also, driving as smoothly as you can helps as well. Not driving aggressively (starting and stopping a lot, etc) also makes a difference. 

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