How much energy can be saved by eating a raw diet?



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    Energy saved is energy gained!  The raw food diet saves any energy, powered, for the most part, but fossil fuels, used in cooking including energy required to boil water, sautee vegetables or cook meat to a safe level for consumption.  The raw food diet is suggested to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins which we are exposed to throughout the day simply by breathing the air around us, and, in turn, revitalizes your body’s systems.  Eating raw also reduces the drain on resources that harmful packaging (like stryofoam or other nonrecyclables) and preservation of processed and frozen foods causes.  In perspective, reseaerch estimates that a Vegan can leave her car running in the driveway and her showering on – both for an entire year – and have less impact that a meat-eater.  Switching to the raw food diet would have even more of an impact than this as it would eliminate the energy from cooking as well as the energy from processing (thus, most animal products) foods.  If you want to try this raw food diet, check out the suggestions by following the link provided!

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