How much energy alone do cell phones consume out of the world’s total energy consumption?



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    Negligbly small.  Most of our energy goes to: 1) transporting people and materials via trucks, cars, planes, ships, and other machinery, and 2) heating, cooling, lighting, and powering buildings: homes, offices, factories, shops, etc.  I recharge my cell phone using an AC adapter for less than a couple hours a week.  My refrigerator uses more energy than my cell phone.  And my refrigerator use makes up less than 2% of my monthly electric bill.  I’m guessing cell phones use a tiny fraction of 1% of the world’s energy.

    Note that I’m just counting the cell phone usage itself: not the energy used by all the related activities in the industries that provide cell phones and services for cell phones.  I wouldn’t even know how to begin to measure that.

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    While data on percentage of world energy use was difficult to find, here is some information about the various ways that cell phones use energy.  Below is a link to the “Life Cycle of a Cell Phone” from the EPA.  Also, Nokia has provided a breakdown of the average energy usage for cell phones produced by their company.  In particular, their website states that “The total energy consumption for creating, using and recycling a typical Nokia mobile device is 220MJ and the total emissions are 26kg C02e. This equals to driving 167km in a typical family car.”  Further information about Nokia’s plans for decreasing the energy consumption of their products can be found at their link below.

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