how much energy is in a 3500 pound car at 100 mph



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    It’s time for some physics!

    The equation to figure out kinetic energy is KE = 1/2mv^2

    KE = Kinetic Energy, M = Mass (in kilograms) and v = velocity or speed (in meters per second)

    First, we have to do a few unit conversions.

    3500 pounds = 1,587.5733 Kilograms –  that’s our mass.

    100 mph = 44.704 meters per second – that’s our acceleration.

    So our equation looks like this

    KE = 1/2(1,587.5733 kg)(44.704 m/s)^2

    after a little math we get

    KE = 1,586,341.0308 kgm^2/s^2

    Converting this, we get about 1.586 megajoules, or 440.7 Wh



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