How much is the electronic newspaper going to be?



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    Good question, Reynaldo.  I am not sure that an electronic newspaper will ever actually cost any money.  There are so many sites and newspapers that offer news online for free already, I doubt anyone would actually stand to make money in the online world.  Newspapers that do offer there services for free online always have somewhere you can click to subscribe to their paper newspaper.  Google news is a great example of a free online news source that is very popular.

    Hope this helps!

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    Correction–pay for content newspapers will come sooner than you think. The New York Times will start charging for unlimited use in January 2010. They tried and failed years ago, but they will try again. And I do believe many others large newspapers will follow suit to compete and survive. Newspapers are important to our culture and knowledge, and it is not unreasonable that we pay into that service.

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