How much electricity is one EV’s supposed to use in a year?



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    This will vary depending on the specific vehicle, but lets look at the upcoming Nissan Leaf.  It is reported to have a 24kWh battery pack and a 100 mile range on one charge.  Lets say you drive 150 miles a week for work and 50 miles a week for pleasure (a total of 10,400 miles a year). This brings the estimate to 200 miles a week, or two full chargings (ignoring the regenerative charging of applying the brake since that can be too variable to estimate).  At 2 chargings a week we would have 104 chargings a year or 2496kWh a year. 

    It can be noted that 24kWh is close to the total energy consumption of one household in an average day (30kWh), but the monetary cost of charging can be minimized by setting the car to charge after rates drop during the evening.

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