how much electricity does it take to brew 1 cup of coffee



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    Simple answer: Find the watts a coffee maker consumes. (By law, it’s labeled.) Time how long it takes to brew — it’s some part of an hour. Multiply the coffee maker watts by the brewing time. That is the kilowatt / hour.

    Better answer: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the entire cost of a cup of coffee is running the coffee machine. Every step of the way to that coffee maker cost resources (electricity). Those coffee beans come from a looooong way away. They were roasted for you. You spent time getting them. After the cup is finished, there is a cost disposing of the grounds.

    A good estimate of the energy cost of a cup of coffee is to consider how expensive the beans are. Instant coffee might be just pennies a cup … but something special at Starbucks? That could be orders of magnitude more expensive.

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