How much electricity do hand dryers use?



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    Paper Hand Towels vs Hand Dryers

    An old fashioned hand dryer (using 2.5kw and taking 30 seconds to dry your hands)

    uses approx 0.021kWh per dry at 11.5p/kwh (UK), if used 50 times per day for 1 month

    will cost approx £3.71 per month


    A new high speed low energy hand dryer (eg Vortex) uses 900W and dries hands in approx 11 seconds.

    uses 0.0025kWh at 11.5p/kWh UK – 50 dries per day over a month

    =£0.44 / month


    Mitsubishi Jet Towel (unheated) £0.35/month

    Dyson : £0.78 / month

    XLerator : £0.68 / month

    Warner Howard Airforce : £0.53/month



    Hand Towels at approx 4 towels per dry, box of 3000 costing average £18 will cost for same number of dries over a month:

    £37.20 per month


    Using a hand dryer saves money and save trees !


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