How much education do I need to be a forest ranger?



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    Most full-time forest rangers require a four-year degree with courses such as natural sciences, history, parks and recreation management, and other similar subjects. In addition, most forest rangers require previous experience in the form of guiding tours, forestry, or law enforcement. Another way to gain relevant experience would be through a seasonal or part-time position with the Forest Service Department.

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    Jobs working for land management agencies differ in their requirements.  Do you want to work for the US Forest Service, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service or Bureau of Land Management?  Or would you prefer to work for a state or local land management agency?  The amount of education needed will depend on the job, so I suggest that you become familiar with the specific job you want.

    Education requirements span from a high school diploma to a PhD.  Many people who work for natural resource agencies begin as seasonal employees working for 3-6 months.  Seasonal jobs are a good way to become familiar with an agency and identify a permanent career that you are interested in.  

    There are to search jobs available with the National Park Service and the US Forest Service below.  Good luck with your search!

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    Like most jobs, you’ll probably need either a few years experience or a four-year degree in forestry, biology, or a related degree. Believe it or not, many park rangers are required to go through law enforcement training – so if that is a turn off for you, you might want to consider being a botanist, field biologist, or tour guide rather than a ranger. Look into the forest service jobs site, listed above by blogger “mle,” and also check out universities with forestry degrees to see what the course load entails. I’ve attached a link to one.

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