How much of the earth’s oxygen is produced by the Redwoods?



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    Largely due to the fact that there isn’t any real solid statistics on the average oxygen produced by Redwood trees I will be basing my calculations off of an average (from average trees).

    The average 100 foot tree with a 18” diameter base puts out roughly 6000 pounds of oxygen a year.

    The average Redwood towers over 300 feet and therefore would likely produce 3 or more times the amount of oxygen; so roughly 18,000 pounds of oxygen per year. There are are roughly 500 average sized trees per acre which would likely need to be divided by 3 to account for base mass so 167 trees per acre for Redwoods and there is just under 106,000 acres left of these beastly trees. So the total guesstimated output of these trees is 315,630,000,000 pounds of oxygen per year.

    Trees cover roughly 9.6 billion acres of the earth so by taking that figure you can figure that: 9.6 billion X 500 = 4.8 Trillion trees exist roughly and that each one produces 6000 pounds of oxygen per year. so 27,600,000,000,000,000 pounds are produced and the Redwoods represent roughly 0.0000116 percent of the average oxygen put out by trees in the world.


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