How much energy does a theme park use on a daily basis? Do any parks use renewables?



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    I can’t find information on typical energy use in a theme park, but I can tell you that there are several parks which purport to be eco-friendly open or in the works. There is Environmentaland in California where visitors can ride a see-saw to power up their cell phone, putt on a desert mini golf course and fly airplanes from recycled paper, and the proposed EarthQuest park in Houston which will also serve as a green energy research facility. Yuyang Park in China recently opened, using waste including wasted bricks and stones as the base of the streets, collected rain water to irrigate plants, and solar energy and windmill power for electricity.

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    There are currently no theme parks that use renewable energy, there is a huge theme park/general attraction park in Las Vegas that is being built that will be very green. They are trying for several of their buildings to have a platnium LEED status, and they are trying to use renewable energy for their roller coaster.

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