How much does someone’s lawn account for their water bill?



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    It depends on the size of the lawn and how often it is watered.  On average, a lawn needs around an inch of water per week.  This is a half a gallon per square foot.  So a ten foot by ten foot patch of lawn needs around 62 gallons a week.  Assuming water costs around $1.50 per gallon, this amount of watering could cost $372 per month for that ten by ten yard.

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      Water doesn’t cost $1.50 per gallon – in the reference, more like $1.50 per 1000 gallons. So your 62 gallons per week x 4 = 250 gallons, or one-fourth of $1.50, or 38 cents – rather different from $372.

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      You’re right! Thanks so much for clarifying.

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    Probably more than it should. You can save water and have a nicer front yard by using native plants or xeriscaping.

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    According to the EPA website, “an American family of four can use 400 gallons of water per day, and about 30 percent of that is devoted to outdoor uses.” That means an American family can use 120 gallons of water a day for outdoor purposes. I assume this estimate is on the high end and isn’t necessarily an average. Though, the website does go on to say that, in residential areas, the average nationwide outdoor water use totals 7 billion gallons a day. This total includes the upkeep of pools and cleaning of driveways.

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      While that may be a mathematical average, it is fairly meaningless when the range can be from Zero to much closer to 100%.

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      I wouldn’t say “meaningless”, but you do have a point. There is huge range. It ranges from zero, i.e., those of us with apartments which have no upkeep, to much more than 120 gallons per day. I figured it was pretty obvious that that goes without saying. But thank you for making it completely obvious.

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