How much does the military spend on renewable energy?



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    The US Army currently spends approximately $20 billion each year on energy (75% for fuel and 25% for facilities).  In September of this year, the Army announced that it has started a project called the Energy Initiatives Task Force that will research renewable energy projects and look to implement new technologies that will aide in the Army’s efforts to use renewable energy sources.

    The Task Force is part of a larger effort put on by the Pentagon that is aiming to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels of any kind.  The goal is that the Army will spend around $10 billion on renewable energies by 2030.  Experts are excited about this move because they believe that the Army is one of the biggest forces driving the cleantech movement in the US. 

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    The Department of Defense has been spending about $1.2 billion the last few years each year on renewable energy. By 2030 it is predicted the military will spend about $10 billion each year. They are currently spending about $20 billion. 

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