How much energy does it take to make an ice cube?



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    This will vary depending on the ice cube tray or machine as they’ll make different size pieces, as well as the starting water temperature. But, for an approximation, the ones in my tray are roughly 25 ml (a little less than a liquid ounce), which is about 25 g. Assuming that the source water was at room temperature of 20-25 C, it would have a heat capacity of about 4.2 J/(g*C). The heat of fusion of water is about 334 J/g at O C. Using these numbers, we get a total energy of 10.5-11 kilojoules. That’s how much heat needs to be taken out of the water to turn it into ice, but don’t forget that refrigerators run at certain efficiency that’s way below 100%, so more energy is actually spent.

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