How much oil does it take to make a gallon of gas?



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    A barrel of oil has 42 gallons, and almost half of that is refined into gasoline. So roughly 2 gallons of oil are required for 1 gallon of gasoline.

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    Well a regular barrel of oil with 42 gallons will make about 19 gallons of gas and 10 gallons of diesel. So that means it takes a little over 2 gallons of oil to make a gallon of gas.

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    It is not correct to say that it takes two gallons of oil to make a gallon of gasoline. Yes, 19 gallons out of 42 are made into gasoline, but the remaining 23 gallons are made into other things, from diesel to jet fuel to lubricants, plastics feedstocks, and more. In fact, when refining is finished, the original 42 gallons has become more than 44 gallons of products because of volume increases during refining.

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