How much does it snow in the UK?



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    It snows there, but usually it’s not very heavy — I wasn’t able to find an average precipitation figure for it but this is the best I’ve got: “Snow in the UK happens almost every year but in small quantities. The UK can suffer extreme winters like 1684, 1740, 1795 (when London received its record lowest temperature of −21.1 °C (−6.0 °F)), 1947 and 1963. In 1963 it snowed on Boxing Day in the UK and snow lasted in most areas until March 6 with blizzards through February. In modern times snow has become rarer but the UK can still get heavy falls. 1991 is very famous because of the extreme cold and powdery snow that fell, and 1979, 1981/82 and 1987 also had heavy snowfall. In February 2009 snow fell very heavily in the South-East on the 2nd, there was 32 cm of snow inSurrey, South of London.”

     32 cm is about 12 and a half inches of snow! But they don’t get that much every year.

    It seems like the yearly average is probably around 10 or 20 cm. But again, this data is not posted on the net as far as I can tell!

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