How much does it have to rain before its unsafe to swim in the ocean?



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    Even short periods of steady rainfall may cause illnesses in swimmers up to 72 hours after it stops raining.  Basically, if it’s raining hard and fast at all, stay out of the ocean as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, toxins, and wastes.  Likewise, even a little rain can cause excess runoff from storm drains, so it’s almost never a good idea to swim in or around one.

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    It’s dangerous to swim in a lake within 48 hours after rain because rain brings pollutants into a body of water. These include bacteria from sewage that can get in your skin and make you sick. The articles I read specified “heavy” rain, so if it’s just drizzling you should be fine. But if it’s raining steadily for a long time, or if it’s really pounding down, I’d avoid it. 

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