how much does it cost to run a Dyson heater for a month



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    Dyson’s heaters have a couple nice features, but when it comes right down to it, they are just heaters like every other electric heater: Electricity goes in, heat comes out.

    The rating of any heater is in watts. One Dyson model uses 1391 watts at high temperature. That’s huge kWh, if you ran it all month.

    Somewhat hilariously, they have a trademarked feature called “Air Multiplier”, which pushes the hot air into the room. What’s funny about this is that all heaters emit heat. Doi.

    If you don’t need your air pushed quickly all over the room, a heater with a fan will tend to be slightly more expensive to run. (Because air is pushed all over the place, when it doesn’t necessarily need to be.) And when you don’t need a whole room heated, the fan could make heating much more expensive, because it will push the heat away from you!

    The chi-chi Dyson heater costs several hundred dollars on Amazon. LOLOLOLOL. I see couple other heaters for under twenty-five bucks. LOLOLOL. (sry … I’ll stop laughing in a minute …) …. jeeze … *ahem*.

    I have a really nice DeLonghi that is sealed oil, so I can drape damp clothes over it. (No, you’re not supposed to … it’s bad, bad, bad … but you can’t do that at all with most heaters.) But for the purposes of this discussion I like the looks of this Optimus H-5210: You get to look at the glowing elements, and they are magnified by this nice metal shield, behind it.

    (I’ve appended an Amazon review where the customer absolutely trashes the heater in very specific detail. Even though what I said still stands, this customer apparently had the sensation that the fan put out little heat.)

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